Print this page for reference while composing your email.

To speed the processing of your artwork include:

  • Company Name
  • Contact
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Purchase Order #
  • Catalog Item Numbers Ordered
  • Including your item number will help speed the processing of your order.
  • Purchase order was submitted via Fax, UPS, etc.
  • Date PO Submitted

Be sure you've chosen one of our stock fonts (Typestyles). If you desire a font other than one of our standard fonts submit it as vector art.

Submit art in TIFF or EPS file format only.

  1. When supplied artwork does not meet factory's requirements or clean-up, revisions and changes to artwork are requested, an art charge of $45 (G) will apply. Add one additional day of production time.

  2. Artwork should be submitted in CMYK format. PMS matching available on items noted.

  3. Hard Copy for Verification: No matter what the format or transfer method, artwork should always be submitted with either a hard copy for verification or the electronic equivalent. Properly prepared PDF files or JPG files are often suitable as verification.

  4. Size of Artwork: Indicate if supplied artwork is 'to size.' If not to size, indicated at what percentage it should be used or what the finished size should be (i.e. make 1 1/4' wide). Factory will enlarge or reduce artwork at no charge. When maximum imprint area is requested, or when percentage is not specified, factory will use its best judgment to achieve an attractive imprint and may reduce or enlarge artwork.

  5. Layout: If layout is not supplied, factory will use its best judgment.

  6. Personalization: Not available.

  7. Preferred programs: Adobe Illustrator.
    Acceptable Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw.

  8. Preferred Formats:
    • Vector Artwork Files (EPS): Must be saved in the Postscript Format and contain no Postscript errors. All design elements in the file should be 1 point or greater. Failure to do so may compromise the final imprint quality.  If the vector file contains any linked (placed) raster images, these images must meet the minimum requirement for resolution when rendered at 100% actual imprint size and must be submitted with the original vector file.
    • Acrobat Files (PDF): PDF files created from vector files must retain the editing capabilities of the program that was used to create them (e.g. Illustrator or Freehand). PDF files that contain raster elements must meet the minimum requirements for raster art files as outlined below.  PDF files that contain vector elements must meet the minimum requirements for vector art files as indicated above.  PDF files created from page layout documents should be submitted together with the source documents, fonts and all supporting files.

    Acceptable Formats:
    • Raster Artwork Files (TIFF or JPEG): All raster elements and art files must be sized to 100% or larger than the actual imprint size. All Raster images must meet or exceed 300 dpi (minimum resolution) and must be submitted in the proper color space (CMYK).

  9. Font Information: Convert text to paths, curves or outlines (text that becomes an object and can no longer be edited as text.) If this is not possible, send in PC compatible screen and printer fonts used only for the job submitted. The smallest font size that can be clearly reproduced is 8 pt. in sans serif or 12 pt. in serif fonts. Script fonts must be at least 12 pt.

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