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About Maple Ridge Farms

"I've never done this before - but I had to tell you that your Chocolate Almonds are the best I've ever tasted."
M. Baynes, Chicago, IL

"Every year our customers and employees look forward to the gifts we send from Maple Ridge Farms. Thanks for making our gift giving so easy!"
E. Collins, Newport Beach, CA

"Dear Maple Ridge Farms:

Thanks for the great gift idea! Every year we send one of your wooden trucks to our customers. They love the food, add the new truck to their collection, and look forward to receiving a different truck next year."
Mark Peterson, Houston, TX

"Within days of the time our gifts were sent out, customers began calling to tell us how excited they were to receive such wonderful and delicious gifts."
Larry McHale, President, CBA Industries

"We recently received a wooden crate packed with your English Butter Toffee and Pecan Turtles. They were 'to die for'."
A.S., New Haven, CT

"Last year we received a spiral-sliced ham. It was very good. Probably the best ham I've ever eaten!"
J. G, Yorba Linda, CA

"I have eaten some of the spiral-sliced hams produced by your company and thought they were the best I've ever eaten."
T. T., Cranston, RI

"I must tell you that your Chocolate Almonds were the most delicious we have ever tasted. The entire office devoured them in no time at all. We have but one problem; we don't know where to buy them in our area!"
I. C., Bronx, NY

"Today we received one of your gift boxes of chocolate compliments of Capitol Records. The entire office staff agreed that it is quite possibly the best candy we've ever eaten. We will thank Capitol for their thoughtfulness but you should be thanked also"
J.H., Salem, OR

"I have just tasted your English Butter Toffee and I must say I have never tasted something as delicious. Please continue to make such wonderful treats."
L. D., Montreal, Canada

"I would like to thank all your employees who assisted in filling my order for 1540 holiday gift towers. I could not believe that I contacted you less than one week before we needed the product, and you were able to come through for us!"
M. K. F., Powell, OH

"I am extremely impressed with the quality of your items. We received a gift from a well-known, high-end catalog company, and couldn't believe the difference between your item and theirs."
M. K. F., Powell, OH

"I had the pleasure of receiving a box of your 'Deluxe Mixed Nuts' as gift from my John Deere dealer. Needless to say, the nuts were excellent. In fact, probably the best I have ever eaten!"
R. B., Ligonier, PA

"We recently tasted for the first time your applewood smoked turkey breast. Excellent!"
J. K., Bergland, MI

"I received a box of your English Butter Toffee for a Christmas gift last year. Thought it was the best ever!!!!"
N. B., Chicago, IL

"My husband is an employee of Cablevision. As a Christmas gift from Cablevision he was given a gift package with 3 different types of nuts. These nuts were the best we ever tasted."
D. M., Ronkonkoma, NY

"We received a box of your Deluxe Mixed Nuts from Continental Airlines. They were absolutely delicious!"
E. B., Houston, TX

"I have been meaning to write to tell you how delicious your products are. The Applewood Smoked Ham is the best ham I have ever tasted. It is always shipped fresh and makes for a wonderful dinner when one is tired from working all day."
B. B., San Diego, CA

"Just a note to tell you how wonderful your ham is. The meat was delicious with hardly any fat. A big thank you for the ham being sliced, that was just wonderful for me. A real timesaver when trying to get dinner on the table in 10 minutes."
O. P., Atlanta, GA

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